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Leisure Activities


Gran Canaria

Late February meant a holiday for Ginny and Baz with Gran Canaria coming top of the selection. Only 10 days notice found a £250 each self-catering apartment in Puerto Rico on the south of the island. The resort looked like it would be really busy in summer with the beach-beds sardine-packed on the beach. Being built on the sides of the mountains surrounding the resort, little of the accommodation was at sea-level; this meant steps, steps and more steps for most tourists.
Our temporary home was the TOBAGO apartments; featured right in the dead centre of this picture. Clean and convenient with good views but a TV charged by the minute - roughly 60p per hour; guess we're sad even watching TV whilst on holiday!


In late June a break in bookings led to a week in the Greek Island of Corfu. This was booked via and was good value at 375 inc insurance for both of us.  We stayed at Thimis apartments - a Self-Catering apartment in Roda, situated on the north coast. The apartment was quite small with one or two problems, like a leaking toilet with a broken seat, no shower curtain, cramped balcony, noisy tourists in the other apartments but this did not really detract from a superb holiday break on a great island - after all the room is only for sleeping! The tour operator was Golden Sun.
We hired a motor-scooter for the week and found some class views and beaches. Corfu town is particularly quaint and memorable.